Simple Funding Schedules

Enriching the saving experience of Simple's goals with Funding Schedules

Product Design & Illustration
Product Design & Illustration

Enriching the saving experience of Simple's goals with Funding Schedules

Simple strives to create a better banking experience – to be a bank you love. One of their key features is Goals, which allows users to budget or save up for anything they want by setting aside money within their account. During my time at Simple, I helped to implement Funding Schedules, so now users can contribute to their Goals on frequencies other than daily, like on payday.

Unfortunately, Simple Bank closed in 2021. Users loved Simple and have yet to find the perfect replacement πŸ’”

I was involved in the full build of this project from initial task flows, prototypes, building across platforms, and user testing. The feature launched on iOS, Android, and web.

Throughout this process, I also undertook the initiative to organize a components library that provided a universal, up-to-date set of assets to the design team to streamline the prototyping and design process.

Simple's Pets

Once a year, Simple is required to send an annual notice of privacy policy updates and Regulation E. I teamed up with a copywriter to create an email that communicated this information in a fun wayβ€”The result included quick and easy-to-understand summaries of the legalese alongside illustrations of some of Simple's employees' most beloved pets. The email was sent out to all Simple users and it was a hit!
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